martedì 17 agosto 2010

London 1st day..Primark

I want to show you some photos from my trip in London..
These are the windows of PRIMARK in Oxford Street, the style is feminine, retro and lady-like, but also bohemian and vintage. Here you can find clothes, shoes, accessories inspired to Famous Brands at very affordable prices! you can find a dress Chanel-ish and pay it just 12 or 15 pounds! Sorry for the quality of the pics! But I hope you like my shoot!
What about these outfits?

The Key-words for next Season are: Ruffles, Flowers, Lace, Pearls, Roses a Modern Cosmopolitan Doll

That purple clutch with suede huge rose is ADORABLE!
I'd like to wear it with a bright red nail polish! I love the comb between Red and Purple...(maybe I'll make some outfits for you, so you'll understand what I mean!!! )
Let's go on...

the Corsage pearl necklace is's perfect just with t-shirt and jeans too!
I think I'll make some necklaces like this one and I'll publish in my Etsy Shop!

Some mannequins... accessories..

Cascades of Pearls...

Like a closet...
the black&white jacket with maxi flower is so cute! in style of Chanel!

and...Bohemian style with a touch of vintage!

add me in your fav blogs if you want! :) thanks!

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  1. Original post and very nice post!
    Cecilia's muses

  2. OMG!!!!!! I am so loving all of these clothes!! Awesome pics, thanks for sharing:)

  3. Carine queste foto, le vetrine sono stupende e lo stile di Primark mi piace molto!
    Bel blog!

  4. i love that you posted on primark!!!!!! i am in love with this place. i wish we had it in australia :( love your blog, definitely a new favourite. following!!!

  5. oh man I loveeee PRIMARK! Thanks for sharing their store windows. Wish I was in london!

  6. Wow i love this shop**
    Amazing blog..
    come see mine