venerdì 20 agosto 2010

Treasures in Petticoat Lane and Old Spitafields Markets

In London you can find so many things to make unique your style: vintage markets and little local boutiques are perfect to discover "hidden gems" from fashion and arts!
Spitafields is one of my favourite place to buy accessories and dresses to update and give a touch of SPECIAL to my outfit!
Let's have a look!
 (Nearest Tube Station: Liverpool Street)
    Me and my new friends! they're so cute!

Old Spitafields is definely a MUST SEE where everything on display is ultimately desirable!!!
Old Spitafields Market dates back to 1638 when King Charles gave a license for "flesh, fowl and roots" to be sold in what was then known as Spittle Fields.
This is now a seriously cool place to shop!!!
I was surrounded by indipendent shops and stalls selling amazing items! Handmade craft, fashion and gifts!
Prices are really reasonable! 15 pounds for a Dress or 4 for an Handmade Brooch!
If you're looking for something different, trendy, funky, retro and "One of Kind"
...this is the PLACE for YOU!

A dress made with vintage ties and men suites!

this dress is so feminine!!! I love the huge rose on the belt!
A Cool Vintage Stand! the owner was that girl with peacocks skirt...
She was stunning in her retro beauty!
In Spitafields you can buy fresh bread and cakes, pies and pastries, or you can eat at one of the many restaurants or cafeterias which serve food from all over the world!
I choose a french ham & cheese croissant!
 You can see I'm not a skinny girl, I love food (and I can cook very well too..I'll make a post about somenthing yummy in the next days if you want) !!!! 
 so...I'm a typical curvey mediterranean girl :)

I bought so many things that day!! look at this skirt with Kittens !!!! isn't it CUTE???
....ok...I confess... I was wearing my Rayban sunglasses in every photo just for one reason.. I slept only 3 hours the night before, so I had orrible dark circles and puffy eyes!! Ahahah! Sorry :)

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  1. I went there two years ago. It's a lovely market indeed. It's also great continuing down Brick Lane from there - a great experience :)


  3. KITTENS! That's my dream fabric print right there! I can tell you love cats just as much as I do.
    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog lovely lady, you have fabulous style! x

  4. spitalfields is one of my favourite markets in the world, so much fun!!! always have a good time there, your photos brought back memories :)

  5. Nice style!
    I loved your skull scarf.

  6. I"m SO jealous! love your cute shoes, too!

  7. I want the skirt in the last photo!